Our Staff

My name is Marie and I started Two Green Magpies in early 2019 having worked in the charity sector for the previous 15 years. In learned my trade at Cornwall Wildlife Trust where I was Head of Marketing and Fundraising. During my time there I built a team from just me to 17 staff and over 70 volunteers generating unrestricted funding in excess of £1m a year and raising the profile of the charity across Cornwall and beyond. I believe strongly in treating your team well, working ethically and adding value wherever you can.

We are lucky enough to be based in Cornwall but have clients all over the UK. I work with 2 very knowledgeable and capable colleagues, Jasmin Appleby and Serena Pettigrew-Jolly, and our ultimate goal is to help you make your organisation achieve more and meet your objectives. And don’t forget to check out our testimonials to see what others think of our work.

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Meet our People


With 20 years marketing and 15 years fundraising and senior management experience Marie is the strategic queen of Two Green Magpies. She can help you to focus on where you need to be heading and rustle up a plan of action in no time. Marie gets excited about:


Jasmin has a very analytical brain and loves nothing more than an Excel spreadsheet or a CRM. She will be able to help you unpick how your activities are going, whether you’re getting the right return on investment and how you can make tweaks to improve your income. Jasmin gets excited about:


Serena is the ultimate in nurturing relationships to get what both sides need to work together effectively. She can secure sponsorship with national and local companies, set up business supporters schemes and put in place Visitor Gifting programmes. Serena also runs her own business, Blossom Sky Holistic Therapies so has bags of advice on the well-being of your staff and volunteers. Serena gets excited about: