Helping small businesses

Our Business Strategy and Marketing Consultancy Services in Cornwall

For most small businesses it is an unaffordable luxury to have a dedicated staff member within the company, responsible solely for marketing and business development. In fact, it can often be hard to lift your head above the parapet, let alone set objectives, evaluate figures, review goals and plan for how you want your business to develop over the coming years. This is where Two Green Magpies can help your business.

We work with small businesses in a professional but also compassionate way. We can help review the functions of your business and identify the best steps to help your business generate more revenue. If you need expert marketing and fundraising consultancy services in Cornwall or beyond, we are here to help.

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What is the focus of your business or its unique selling point?

Over time, or in the day to day running of your business, you can lose sight of what your business should focus on. This can often be forgotten as you’re battling through phone calls, emails, paperwork and the replenishment of stock. You may end up promising all kinds of things to all people. You may think you’re covering all bases but this actually makes you lose focus and will often impact on your profitability. If you think that your business may have lost direction, we are here to help you refocus on what matters most.

Are you marketing effectively?

There are a number of important marketing questions that you should be constantly asking of your business. Are you marketing your business properly? Do you know who you’re selling to, and what customer need you are fulfilling? Do you understand the best and most cost-effective ways to reach your customers? We will work with you to produce a simple, cost-effective marketing plan to set you in the right direction. With over two decades of experience in marketing, we have the skills that will set you apart.

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Are you as profitable as you need to be?

Are you and your employees as profitable as you should be? Or do your sales people spend large amounts of their time filling out forms, going to meetings? Are the targets set for your team so unrealistic that they are never met? If your staff are underachieving, we can support you in identifying why this is so. If you and your staff receive the right support, and effective systems and processes are in place, your business will achieve amazing things.

Are you and your team happy?

It is critical that you and your team are always in the right frame of mind. The mental health of you and your team is paramount. If you are stressed, this will only filter down to your team. A stressed-out team is not a productive team and this will hit your productivity and bottom line hard. This will in turn, affect the you, and so it becomes circular. We can help break this cycle with support and guidance that will improve the wellbeing of you, your team and ultimately, your business.

Let us help

We can also help you with corporate fundraising, events, membership and community fundraising. If you would like more information as to what our fundraising consultants in Cornwall and beyond, can do for your charity, get in touch for a quick consultation.